From our Patients

"They listened and were very knowledgeable."

"They made me feel very welcome and there was a lot of information given to me that I really needed."

"Prenatal instructions are very helpful."

"I really would like to thank (volunteer counselor) for the support. I have changed my way of life for the better and I'm glad to know that there are people out there like the people at Sav-A-Life."

"These are people who truly care about the decisions we choose to make with our life and children."

"You all really helped me stay on the right track. You  also changed my mind about an abortion."

"The counselor seemed to really care about the choices I would make. She was very kind and considerate."

"It taught me a lot and let me know I need to make a few changes in my life."

"The Bible study was helpful because it helped me to see what God had to say about the life choices I've made."

"Fully decided to look forward to the future."

"It encouraged me to stay healthy physically and spiritually."



From our Volunteer Counselors

"This is the highlight of my week"

"Counseling here is the most rewarding thing I've ever done… see God's work in women's lives and to see them transformed by grace."

"I look forward to coming every week."

"My experience here has done so much for me in encouraging my own confidence and in keeping me focused on my walk in this life…"

"I have never done anything as rewarding and fulfilling as this job has been."